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Blocks of the month are picked up the third saturday of each month. The kits are made up in advance, usually for the length of the BOM.  When someone decides to drop out, the cost of those pre-made kits falls on Quilt a Bit.  If you drop out, you forfeit your last block's payment.
Daydream BOM 
Starts May 2024
$25 / Month
10 Months
Tonga Batiks from Timeless Treasures
Pattern & background included

Butterfly Wishes BOM
Starts June 2024
12 months
$100 month 1 - includes pattern, background & first butterfly
$20 months 2 - 12
Wings of Gold from Timeless Treasures

The Quilted Witch in Batiks BOM
Starts February 2024
$20 / Month
9 Months
Quilt a Bit Custom Curated Batik Fabrics
Pattern & Background sold separately

Calendar Quilt Club BOM
Starts June 2024
$45 / Month
12 Months
Quilt a Bit Custom Curated Fabrics
Kit includes fabric and binding.  First Kit begins with August Bee Hive.