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 Social distancing is defined as deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. It’s a simple and effective way for us to keep each other safe.

But quilters love to gather!  It’s in our DNA.

 Introducing our COVID-19 MYSTERY QUILT SEW ALONG ❤️  A way for us to sew TOGETHER while STAYING APART.

 Please join in the fun - just 5 simple clues until the mystery is revealed, and along the way we can all post photos of our progress and chat on our Quilt A Bit page to stay connected while engaged in our favorite hobby, making quilts! 

 You can choose 3 fabrics or dig into your stash and go totally scrappy.  If you have any questions, leave them here and we will help along the way, but this quilt is simple and fun and approachable to quilters of ALL levels!  Jump on in beginners!  Stitch along with us you seasoned stitchers! 

 Here are the fabric requirements and cutting instructions.  The Clues will be posted as they come available. Stay tuned!

 Happy Stitching,

The staff at Quilt A Bit