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  Longarm Quilting Services    
Minimum Charge           $ 25.00    
Rush Fee             $ 50.00    
Basic Meandering Design         $ 0.0225 per square inch
  Loose overall consistant edge to edge quilting          
Freemotion Design           $ .025-.03 per square inch
  Choose from free motion stars, hearts, loops, feathers or flowers        
Pantograph Design           $ .025-.03 per square inch
  Choose from various pantographs            
  Overall edge to edge quilting              
  Solid color thread is included            
  Variegated Thread        $ .001 per square inch  
  Metallic Thread       $ .003 per square inch
         ADDITIONAL SERVICES            
Trim               .05 per linear inch  
Piece Backing (per seam)         $ 10.00    
Binding preparation       $ .05 per linear inch  
Machine stitch to front   $ .10 per linear inch
Machine stitch to front and back   $ .20 per linear inch
Machine stitch to front, hand stitch to back   $ .30 per linear inch  
Hobbs Heirloom cotton 80/20 - 96" width     $ 13.00 per yard  
Hobbs Heirloom cotton 80/20 - 120"width     $ 15.00 per yard  

100% cotton, wool, bamboo, or thermore packaged batting available for purchase.

Please ensure that your backing (and batting if you provide it) is at least 8" larger in length and width than your quilt top.
Please "clean up" your quilt top by removing any excessive threads and repair any open seams that could get caught in the needle of the machine.