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Minimum Charge           $ 25.00    
Rush Fee             $ 50.00    
Basic Meandering Design         $ 0.02 per square inch
  Loose overall consistant edge to edge quilting          
Freemotion Design           $ .0225 - 3 per square inch
  Choose from free motion stars, hearts, loops, feathers or flowers        
Pantograph Design           $ 0.025 per square inch
  Choose from various pantographs            
  Overall edge to edge quilting              
  Additional 10% set up charge              
Custom             $ 0.03 per square inch
         ADDITIONAL SERVICES            
Trim             $ 10.00    
Piece Backing (per seam)         $ 10.00    
Cutting and preparation (any size)       $ 12.50    
  Customer provides material              
Machine stitch to front (includes cutting & preparation)   $ 0.075 per linear inch
  Customer finishes                
Machine stitch to front (includes cutting & preparation)   $ 0.20 per linear inch
  Machine stitch to front, hand stitch to back          
Hobbs Heirloom cotton 80/20 - 96" width     $ 10.00 per yard  
Hobbs Heirloom cotton 80/20 - 120"width     $ 11.75 per yard  
Poly Down - 96" width         $ 8.00 per yard  

Quilt tops are placed in “first come first served” order. I apologize in advance for the delay as
some quilts take longer than others to complete.

Please allow at least 3” around the perimeter of backing fabric. This means the back needs to
be a minimum of 6” longer and wider than your quilt top.

Please clean your quilt top and backing of all loose and attached threads and pet hair that could
get lodged in the machine or caught in the needle of the machine. If your quilt top is not flat or has
borders that won’t lay flat they will not “quilt” out. There will be unavoidable pleats in your quilt so
please make every effort to make a flat quilt top.